Françoise Carlier

After her apprenticeship at the Brussels Bar, Françoise Carlier has been inhouse legal counsel since 1994 in the creative industry, before returning to the Bar in 2016. She has 25 years’ experience with all legal aspects of intellectual property in general, copyright, media and trademarks in particular. Amongst others, she acted as Head of Legal for Studio 100 for 11 years, helped manage the intellectual property and compliance within the group and provided support for its international expansion. This enabled her to check Belgian good practices alongside working methods in the foreign entertainment and audio-visual industry.

Françoise is fluent in three languages, has thorough legal experience with contract negotiation and drafting, is familiar with business models based upon intellectual property, advises transparently and aims for conflict averse professionalism and long-term solutions. She has a passion for the creative industry (design, fashion, entertainment, gaming, audio-visual works…) and the people that work in it.

Françoise was certified as Data Protection Officer in 2018.

Françoise regularly teaches in her areas of expertise to non-legal public and constantly strives to share complex legal concepts in clear language.

Affluo Brussel
Berkenlaan 8A + 8B
1831 Diegem

Affluo Antwerpen
Van Immerseelstraat 66
2018 Antwerpen

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