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Insolvency law

Affluo represents the interests of both debtor and creditor in all insolvency proceedings.


Pratice area

Intellectual property

Affluo has extensive expertise in the protection of trademarks, copyright and related rights, software, databases, domain names and other intellectual creations, and provides strategic advice on the exploitation method that matches your goals and objectives.


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Fashion, arts, media & entertainment

When active in the creative industries, your creations and developments are your most valuable asset.


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Privacy, data protection and information security law

GDPR and sector specific laws and regulations impose substantial restrictions with regards to the processing of data and information, especially in case of personal data.


Pratice area

Information and communication technology law

We help organisations, such as ICT suppliers, banks, insurance companies, utilities companies, hospitals and media groups to determine their contractual requirements in tender procedures.


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Mergers & acquisitions

Affluo has a strong Belgian and international M&A practice.


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Legal project & legal interim management

The attorneys of Affluo are characterized by their entrepreneurship.


Pratice area

Company law

Affluo advises on all aspects of corporate and association law that companies, associations, shareholders and directors are faced with.


Pratice area

Commercial law

Affluo has the ambition to be your one-stop-shop in commercial law.


Pratice area


By their very nature, (extra)judicial proceedings are often pointless and expensive, drag on (too) long and, moreover, create a constant state of uncertainty. Why not try mediation?