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When active in the creative industries, your creations and developments are your most valuable asset. Affluo will guide you through the complex legal framework that applies to your production, performance, design, artistic creation or collection and will assist you in taking the appropriate legal, commercial and strategic decisions.

Together, we will determine the appropriate protection and exploitation methods for your creative content, adapted to your specific needs as well as to customs and practices applicable in the creative industry, which we are familiar with and understand in depth through our extensive operational experience.

We advise you on the best way to protect your ideas, to implement them and develop them (e.g. by means of the draft and negotiation of license-, development-, collaboration- and co-production agreements) and guide you to choose and implement the most favourable exploitation method. We you in the negotiation and follow-up of your agreements, both nationally and internationally. In doing so, we always strive to create value for all parties involved and attach particular importance to the social contribution generated through the creative industries.  

Our field of expertise covers i.a. the following aspects:

  • Collaborations and productions in the creative industries, e.g. in graphic design, photography, music, art and fashion.
  • The legal aspects of audio-visual production and exploitation;
  • Collective management (advice and mapping of risks and opportunities for the creative team, agreements with authors and holders of (copy)rights, users and collective management companies, etc.);
  • VR and videogaming (from contracting with authors,  to the protection of your brands, models and designs and with the licensing or distribution agreements necessary to bring your product to end users);
  • Drafting general terms and conditions;
  • Drafting of development and license agreements;
  • Portrait rights;
  • ...

Based our extensive experience in the audio-visual, live entertainment, music and art industries, we provide assistance through our  legal advice and with the drafting of agreements, from idea to production and commercialisation of your creative developments, allowing you to fully focus on your creative processes.

Johan Vandendriessche

Johan Vandendriessche’s practice covers ICT law, data protection and privacy law, as well as intellectual property law. He combines a broad technology sector approach with an in-depth experience in ICT projects and procurement, outsourcing, data protection and compliance. The focus of his practice is advisory work, as well as drafting and negotiating technology related contracts.

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