Mergers and Acquisitions

Affluo has a strong Belgian and international M&A practice. We guide buyers and sellers through the full acquisition process. We stand by your side from the first takeover discussions and supervise the transaction until the integration process is completed. Our practice includes both classic types of acquisitions such as share and asset deals as well as private equity, venture capital, buy-outs and mixed constructions. We take care of the due diligence exercise, the composition of data rooms, the drawing up and negotiation of preliminary agreements such as non-disclosure agreements, letters of intents and heads of agreements. Transaction supporting financing operations and restructurings like (partial) demergers, mergers and contributions are guided by us as well. Once the acquisition process is closed, we support you with the integration of the target in your company group.

As we draw up crystal-clear agreements, deals in which we assisted rarely lead to disputes. However, in case you are faced with disputes, for example as a result of a claim under the representations and warranties, we assist you as well. Even so when we were not involved in the acquisition process.

We have a well-developed network and can count on a pragmatic and cost-efficient partnership with tax specialists, accountants, auditors and consultants, in Belgium and abroad.

We defend your interests in the transaction and work with the attorneys of your counter party on the basis of mutual respect and dialogue. Our expertise in M&A is broadly recognized by our colleagues in the market.


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