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As audio-visual or live entertainment producer, producer of games, you collaborate with authors, composers, performing artists, all contributing to a finished production. We are able to help you, with an eye for detail and a pragmatic approach, for the following aspects:

The Belgian copyright legislation is complex. Certainly for co-productions between many partners, nationally or internationally,  in entertainment programs, fiction, animation- and live-action projects. 

Agreements made need to be in conformity with directives issued by external financing partners. 

Risks and opportunities concerning collective rights management need to be charted for the whole creative team, in order to avoid conlicts between rights holders, exploiting parties and collective rights societies. 

Royalties and their calculation basis need to be determined bearing in mind the business model in place and costs and expenses incurred. 

One needs to protect the chain of copyright title in view of possibly worldwide exploitation of the production.

These aspects need to be translated through co-production and other agreements, if necessary   also considering the strict Belgian tax shelter legislation if this financing method has been used.


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