Intellectual Property

Affluo has a solid experience in relation to copyright law, the legal protection of software and databases, domain names, trademarks and the legal aspects of open source software. We help you setting up a comprehensive IP strategy by securing the rights on your creations, understanding the exact scope of protection and enforcing your rights where necessary.

We have a solid experience in drafting and negotiating IP related contracts, such as license agreements, copyright assignment agreements, collaboration agreements, R&D agreements or confidentiality agreements.

Affluo advises both individual creators, co-creative teams and companies who wish to exploit such talents. We take stock of your risks and opportunities and work towards a feasible strategy aiming to added value for all parties involved, in order to draft the necessary contracts or correspondence. We support you in negotiations, both nationally or internationally.

Affluo also advises on trademark law and has the necessary network to follow up on registration and administration of trademarks.


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