Information and Communication Technology

We help organisations, such as ICT suppliers, banks, insurers, utilities companies, hospitals and media platforms to determine their contractual requirements in tender procedures and to challenge competitors, draft and negotiate contracts and, finally, help in closing the deal. In doing so, we ensure that the contractual documents serve as an effective tool for preventing costly legal proceedings, if that need arises. 

With years of experience in assisting both ICT suppliers and their clients in securing technology-related deals, we have acquired an exceptional vantage point on the market standards for contractual clauses in technology contracts and the risk assessments made by ICT suppliers and clients. This often enables us to cut through lengthy negotiations and allows our clients to win precious time.

We also guide suppliers through public and private tenders and assess the relevant risks, and we ensure they are treated fairly.

Finally, we also provide in-house training to legal and procurement departments on all aspects of contract drafting and contract negotiation. Training is based on a mix of theory and practice and supported by elaborate documentation.


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