Corporate Law and Association Law

Affluo advises on all aspects of corporate and association law that companies, associations, shareholders and directors are faced with. We assist you in your choice of a suitable company or association legal form and take care of all administrative and legal incorporation formalities. During the existence of the company or association, we draw up the minutes of meetings, advise you on corporate governance, assist you in case of amendments to the articles of association and assist your company or association with its growth plans.

We do not only focus on the corporate law aspects of your business but also on the contractual and strategic considerations: we assist you with the drawing up and negotiation of shareholder agreements, management agreements, joint venture agreements and other forms of cooperation, financing agreements and related issues of instruments.

We accompany the restructuration, merger and acquisition, liquidation and winding-up of your company or association.

Experience shows that company life is often not without conflict. We assist you in all disputes between shareholders and members, expulsion and resignation conflicts and disputes with respect to director’s liability. We deliberately choose the path of dialogue and will do our utmost best to avoid legal proceedings as these are often useless and expensive by nature. In case legal proceedings are unavoidable, we represent you before the courts and the institutions for arbitration or alternative dispute resolution.

In any event, you can count on our pragmatic and cost-efficient approach.


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